The past few weeks have brought about a great deal of distress among our country. Distress that, at times, has even seen the pro-life and pro-choice communities come together in calling for action against the profiting and harvesting of body parts of aborted babies. Many continue to stand with Planned Parenthood, but we are beginning to see an outcry that deserves our attention. An outcry that led some very large companies to pull funding from this abortion giant. An outcry that pushed Congress to call for an investigation. An outcry that, as one commentator put it, “pulled the veil back on the abortion industry.”

I could spend hours discussing the heartbreaking footage and comments concerning these videos, but I wish, instead, to point our attention to the next step. I wish to point our attention to where we go from here and the HOPE that is found in a God that is bigger than any industry, any CEO, and certainly any negotiations. I want us to spend time discussing an alternative to Planned Parenthood and places like it.

What is the alternative? The alternative is a place that seeks to offer a warm, welcoming environment. A place that has a full staff of God-loving, patient-serving, hard-working, and caring nurses and nurse practitioners. A place that doesn’t seek to judge those that find themselves in crisis. A place that offers all of their services free of charge. A place that is an accredited ambulatory health center. A place that does not receive half a billion dollars a year from tax payers. A place that intentionally serves and loves the community. A place that doesn’t simply seek the bottom line in terms of budget, but instead seeks to put a patient’s needs first. A place that chooses love over hate and life over death. This alternative is a place of HOPE.

Does that last sentence make anyone feel a bit uneasy? This is where we are as a society. True hope and places like Hope Resource Center are now the alternative instead of the primary. Being pro-life now brings about a negative connotation. Our society, in many ways, supports and celebrates death. Places like HOPE are vilified for our passion and love for the men and women in our community. A passion and love that includes the born and the unborn. We understand that many of our patients are truly in crisis. They are truly hurting. They are truly unsure of the decision they should make. These patients are very vulnerable and instead of targeting that vulnerability, we at HOPE seek to be transparent and honest with our patients as they look at all the options in front of them. Options that each bring about life-changing actions. We know and understand that regardless of the decision that is made, these patients will never be the same. It is this knowledge that provokes us to have our conversations saturated in grace and love.

It is truly sad to know that HOPE and folks that stand for life are now the alternative instead of the primary. We do not apologize for our stance and the work we do. We are moved by our convictions and are motivated to continue the work God has called us to. We will not operate in the shadows and we will not offer poor care. We will offer transparency, honesty, and love as we serve the people God brings in our doors. We will boldly stand for life and seek to be the absolute best option for the women of this community as they seek out support and care in their time of need. The latest news regarding Planned Parenthood clearly shows a need for an alternative women’s health clinic. That alternative is here and we are proud to stand when others will not.

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