This past week the news was littered with more death in the headlines. We saw another terrorist attack occur as an extremist looked to take the lives of innocent people on a railway car bound for Paris. This guy had enough ammunition to take out the entire train. His plan was an easy one. He would simply board a train and start his attack. His plan, however, was unsuccessful, as he had no idea that the railway car he chose to enter housed a few of America’s best and brightest. That’s right. Some of our military just happened to be on vacation and decided to take the train on this day at the right time. They were on vacation, but their oath to protect and serve never stopped. They saw a need and acted. They saw innocent lives in trouble and they acted. They saw leaders run away scared…so they acted. It is this act of bravery that allowed hundreds, if not thousands to get home to their families. It is this act of bravery that showed us all…it only takes a few.

I refer to this story in the hopes that it would drive us to action. The Americans on board the train in France didn’t ask for the cards they were dealt. They were on vacation. They were seeking serenity and some time away. They had no idea their short trip would turn out to be one of the most heroic trips this world has ever seen. They had no idea, but they were ready. They were willing to step up when others were not. The leaders on the train failed them. These leaders ran and hid when danger came near. These leaders left their people to die. This, however, didn’t stop the brave men from acting. They were prepared and when given the opportunity they made sure to make the most of it.

This past week also brought about something special in the life movement. As this was the week we saw thousands of people gather at Planned Parenthood affiliates in every state. Every single state! Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Atheists, black, white, young and old standing together in one voice calling for the end to abortion. People from all walks of life gathered on a Saturday to stand for something greater than themselves. These are people that live normal lives in towns all across this country. These folks were tired of sitting. Tired of waiting for leaders to step up and do their job. Tired of video after video showing the atrocities at the hands of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress.

In one week we saw heroes stand for life and give voice to the innocent. We saw normal people walk toward the storm when so many chose to run away. We saw boldness displayed and love poured out from strangers for strangers. This, once again, shows us the great impact a few can have. Standing is not easy. Speaking out is not easy. Changing your plans on a Saturday is not easy. Yet, some do it. Why? Why go to the trouble? Why risk losing friends, relatives, or your job? Why speak out for someone you don’t know or may never meet? I think these questions are best answered with one word. People stepped out last week out of LOVE.

Many call it courage, bravery, or toughness, but these attributes are all rooted in love. Love of country? Yes, but more importantly love of people. It is this love that drives us to do what others won’t. It is this love that prompts us to action when others are in danger. It is this love that drives a person to risk everything for a stranger.

This way of thinking has not penetrated society as a whole. There are still many that would rather chronicle events with their cellphone than risk their life or change their plans to help their neighbor. Unfortunately the vast majority of people would prefer to close their blinds to atrocities happening in their street. This is troubling, but it is not debilitating. The power of the few standing for all that is right and good can make a difference. A difference that just may impact generations to come.

The men that acted on that train bound for Paris saved lives, stopped a terrorist, and assured that moms and dads would make it home to their families. They did this for strangers and the world took notice. In the same way, the men and women that took time out of a Saturday to stand in opposition to Planned Parenthood will see that their stance did not go unnoticed. People are starting to listen, news agencies are starting to report, and government leaders are beginning to answer their call.

Now is not the time to run away from the storm. Now is the time to stand with boldness and proclaim that life matters. Only a few may decide to take a stand, but we know that it only takes a few to make a difference. We are prepared to go against the grain at HOPE. We are prepared to stand for what is right and call out what is wrong. We are prepared to speak boldly and walk toward the storms around us as we seek to see life celebrated and families restored. We are unashamed and will continue our work as long we have breath in our lungs. Stand with us today (Donate Here!) and be a part of the few as we act out of love for our neighbor…born and unborn, stranger and friend.

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